Career Calm and Confident 1:1 Coaching

Would you like to feel confident in your career and calm when you get home? 

If you're looking for a meaningful career, that stretches you, without leaving you with zero headspace for your family, then this package is for you.

This package goes beyond gaining career clarity, and moves you into action in achieving your ideal career.

Alongside analysing your career options, values and non-negotiables, we'll also:

Not sure if you actually want to change career yet? 

No problem.

We will work on progressing in your career, whether that is within the same company and sector or changing career direction completely.

If you choose to stay in the same role, I'll personalise coaching to work on your career confidence. This could mean exploring routes for internal progression, managing workload and being more assertive in relationships with colleagues. 

What’s included:  


I help parents like you to get clear on what they want from their career

Parents who want to be challenged in their career, but still have headspace to be present with their kids. Here are 9 baby steps you could take this week, to clarify you career direction



I returned to work after maternity leave and felt a lack of confidence in my ability to juggle home and work life successfully. Jenny helped me to see that I was already doing what I feared I couldn’t do. Talking through my thoughts really helped me to relieve my worries and stress. I have also been working towards a small business venture. Jenny helped me to break down the steps needed to achieve my goals and motivated me with targets. Jenny is an excellent listener, who instantly made me feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend her services as a coach.

Amy Talbot, Funds Officer at University of the West of England

Trusted, safe, caring. Like a really excellent and progressive manager at my work....but for my life

A dad working as a Strategic Director

Jenny is calm, respectful and discerning. During my coaching sessions I felt that I was being coached in a safe space with a real person who was non-judgemental and had the intellect to understand how best to challenge me. She always showed immense care and emotional intelligence. I would not have started to move forward without her consistent and careful input.

Senior Female Higher Education Academic

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